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The health food coverup of the century: banana chips can KILL YOU. March 17, 2006

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Let me start the story of an alarming discovery I’ve made by going back a week or so, to my last Trader Joe’s visit. I was cruising through the aisles, fast, because no matter what time you go to that store there’s always a million people and I wanted to get my stuff and get out before I had a chance to think homicidal thoughts toward the person blocking the soup section. Also I had a cart full of frozen pizzas and fish, so it was all basically a race against time anyway. I was in the section by the nuts, scanning the shelves for anything I needed, dried cranberries-yes, what else what else … and I see a bag of banana chips. Cheap, too, for a big bag. “I don’t get enough servings of fruit,” I thought to myself. “When I buy it, it ends up going bad because I don’t eat it fast enough. Banana chips? Cannot go bad.” So I threw them into my cart. If only I knew then what I knew now, the bag probably would have travelled through the air in slow motion as creepy organ music of doom played in my ear.

Fast forward to today, where I have made the choice to eat some healthful banana chips rather than a chocolate peanut butter granola bar, and I happened to turn over the bag to see how much good the banana chips were doing for my body. Well, guess what? They’re not doing ANY good. They’re actually clogging my arteries. One ounce=48% of my saturated fat for the day. Because according to the ingredient list, they are apparently soaked in coconut oil. And there aren’t any vitamins in them. NONE. The only vaguely positive thing listed is fiber. 4% of my daily allowance. So basically, I’m eating chips of FAT whose sole contribution to my health is that they’ll make me 4% regular. Does anyone realize this? Why are banana chips included in healthy-type snacks like trail mix? Why are they in the aisle next to actual healthy snacks like dried apricots when they should be next to, say, bacon?

Maybe this was common knowledge to most people, and I’ve just been oblivious to this imposter food that has been sitting in my cabinet waiting to kill me. They don’t even taste very good, and are sort of gross if you think about it. Now that I know that they’re also a waste of the energy it takes to eat them, not to mention artery-clogging, I feel like I need to get the word out. Hence this post. Go, spread the news of this silent killer.

Now, could someone please tell me why I can’t stop eating them?


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  1. melody Says:

    oh this is sooooooooooooo true. i just discovered it also. crap!! i worked so hard all day to stick to my calorie limit, then looked online and boom!! banana chips are fricking killing me.

  2. Dave Says:

    I too have just discovered how bad banana chips are. I was on a diet and thought they were a healthy snack until I checked the label! Those things should come with a health warning – but they are so addictive!

  3. Tim Says:

    Maybe you should get the dried banana chips instead of the deep fried ones

  4. pocketfood Says:

    The dried ones are a lot harder to find, though. The deep-fried kind are the ones they usually use in trail mix, too. It’s a conspiracy!

  5. shelley Says:

    For those of us who are shamelessly addicted. ALL IS NOT LOST. Most banana chips a fried in coconut oil which if your going to fry in any oil, this is the most healthy. Unlike most oils which are destroyed by heat, coconut oil retains its healthy qualities when heated. Mind you, this has to be VIRGIN COCONUT OIL; NON PROCESSED AND NON-HYDROGENATED. Virgin coconut oil has a multitude of health benfits internally and externally. I use it and I’m a believer. Its the hydrogenated oils that create unhealthy, artery clogging trans fats.

    So the challenge is making sure that the banana chips have been fried in a virgin coconut oil. Now as for the sugar or honey coating, well, all I can say is “everything in moderation”!

  6. Llala Says:

    F**k im eating banana chips now

    • N Says:

      me too, i was googling to see if they make you gain weight because my fiance’s grand m other just got some in a huge container from her son and split them with me and I am trying my damnedest not to eat very much and then I see this post. All i have been eating today was banana chips and cherries 😦 There goes that hope to los weight.

  7. Sara Says:

    I am also eating them now! I figured I would eat them as a healthy snack, thanks for the knowledge. The ones I get are dried? Does make them any better for you, or any less worse. But then it lists its only other ingerdient as cocobut oil. I am being taken for fool aren’t I?

    • Scott Warner Says:

      My concerns while I was eating the Trader Joe’s banana chips wern”t even the health pros or cons, i just like them, and was wondering how they are processed in the Phillepines, I am always concerned about fruits outside the country. Having High cholesetrol, 48% of the daily requirement in 15 chips is crazy.

  8. David Says:

    Bugger. I’ve just bought a 500g bag of them for a healthy snack and thought I’d look up how healthy they are…. rrrright! Slow death by deep-fried bananas doesn’t sound too appealing.

  9. Jess Says:

    mate…. you eat frozen pizza and your worried about deep fried banana chips to be healthy … common… and how could u think deep friend anything is ‘healthy’ not to mention if they are cheap and come in a big bag then cheap nasty products would be used to make them .. but thanks for the info on coconut oil πŸ˜€ i am looking for how to make drid banana chips… good luck with your quest πŸ˜€

    • Lisa Says:

      I agree with you Jess, these peoplare bananas! lol Why worry about “banana chips” when thaey eat Fat loaded Pizza!

      • pearl Says:

        amen to that

      • ruby Says:

        Seriously, my first thought! 48% wouldn’t be that alarming for most if you weren’t already stuffing your face with other fats like the shit in frozen pizzas. I feel like this is the type of person who is going to eat half the bag in 1 sitting, a handful here and there is not going to kill you. Relax, they aren’t meant to be inhaled. MODERATION PLEASE.

      • Evelyn Says:

        Rightly said. I eat banana chips in a limit. Too much of anything is good for nothing as the saying goes…

    • lindsay Says:

      You can make them in the oven with little to no oil. Bananas naturally caramelize when they get heated up in a pan or on baking sheet in oven. And I agree. …concerned about banana chips when eating frozen pizza and frozen fish.

  10. Hannah Says:

    I say screw the health factor, or lack there of, for banana chips! they are damn good and I will continue to enjoy them as they slowly clog my arteries.C’mon you only live once, it might as well be while enjoying delicious foods

  11. Viv Says:

    I was eating banana chips when I thought, hey I’ll check out the health factor and as a lot of others have said they have little to no health benefit. Despite this, I have to agree with Hannah, banana chips are good. It’s too bad they aren’t healthy.

  12. Fatty McGee Says:

    shart, I just ate a whole bag of banana chips.

    I scoop them out of the plastic container in the dried fruit container at the grocery store, so I dont even get a label to check.

    I always eat em when I am walking around the rest of the store to cure my boredom of shopping.

    Im sending an email to Danny Wegman about this!

    Maybe thats why my pants dont fit….

  13. Fatty McGee Says:

    Oh- this is fatty again.

    Just wanted to let yall know that I be eatin dried cherries while I waddle across the store from now on.

    And Im getting some stretchy pants…

  14. Arezu Says:

    Hahaha I am so glad I googled “are banana chips good for you”
    I just bought an 18 ounce bag.
    May have eaten 2 or 3.
    Hiding the rest away. Or i’ll take it to my work, let the pigs their eat them.

    They are good though … =[

  15. Lenore Says:

    Thank you for this info. I don’t like banana chips, but I’ve been giving them to my rat as a treat and she loves them. When I heard they’re fried I checked to see if it was true.

    Since anything unhealthy for humans is unhealthy for pets, it looks like she’ll have to stick to fresh bananas instead – as should we!

  16. nica Says:

    Oh no!! Ive been stuffing banana chips down my throat the past couple weeks!! The ones I get say “Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit”… is that any better?? After reading this, I ziplocked the bag- I too will be taking these to work for the ones who dont any weight to eat!! Grrrr… found something I thought was semi-healthy… but guess nothing is ever healthy, starvation diet it is.

  17. Jen Says:

    Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one fooled by banana chips. I even got the unsweetened ones thinking I was doing myself a favor. WRONG!! Now I feel gross…

    This made me laugh though: “If only I knew then what I knew now, the bag probably would have travelled through the air in slow motion as creepy organ music of doom played in my ear.”

    =^) Mine didn’t even have a nutrition label since they were bulk. I got a little suspicious when I realized, “Hey… I don’t remember bananas being oily…” Frak!

  18. Serra Says:

    Wow, you really didn’t do a whole lot of research, did you?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coconut_oil for a start – coconut oil is one of the healtiest oils out there!

    You might want to rethink your overly alarmist title…

  19. pocketfood Says:

    Ha ha ha! And you might want to rethink your grasp of humor.
    Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbole

    ps- it’s only healthier if it’s virgin, and the stuff most commonly used in something like a cheap bag of banana chips is hydrogenated. Trans fat city.

  20. cdavid Says:

    Ok, So I guess I got here the same way a lot of others did.. bought some banana chips, must be better than regular chips, right? ha, the lies!
    Oh, and have you noticed that the “Gone Bananas” trail mix from Trader Joes is the cheapest?

    But now, after all this..why do I keep buying them?

  21. boot Says:

    I knew it was too good to be true! I’ve never seen packaged chips, they are usually in the bulk bins so of course we don’t know nutrition facts…. Are dried or baked chips available, any good?

  22. Laura Says:

    I did the same thing few months ago, STUFFING myself with a “HEALTHY” treat,,, lol, I too was surprized to find out I was gaining weight, not loosing. So I sadly had to give the BEAUTIFUL, TASTY, DIVINE, YUMMMMMMY things up.

  23. Aaron Says:

    I ate almost an entire bag of the Trader Joe’s stuff this week before I had the sense to do some research online. I feel terrible now. Damn you banana chips! 😦

  24. rosie Says:

    well, that stinks
    i am, well was, eating banana chips just now too, until i finished the bag, and stumbled upon this article while looking for ways to make my own banana chips
    i suppose i will refrain from doing so, seeing as they are killer

    thanks for this post, you’ve saved my life

  25. Melissa Says:

    I just bought a large bag of banana chips and I will continue to finish them up. I also purchased some dried green beans with added salt so they are also good. I have a new health food store down the street and I am addicted now….the banana chips i got are baked……not fried…..I will keep on munchin

  26. Greg Says:

    I was eating them while i was reading this hahah!!

  27. Tyra Says:

    I’m reading and eating them at the same time. LOL!
    I can’t stop.
    I won’t stop.
    They are hella good and you’re so right…they are close to zero percent beneficial health wise.
    Oh well:-)

  28. Mark Says:

    just remember guys “too much of anything is bad for you”
    maybe the craving or addiction is because of the sweetness from the honey, try eating honey based food, that may help stop you from eating too much banana chips. i always eat 3 weetbix with a table spoon of honey with slices of banana and MAN im in sweet heaven!!!XD!!!

  29. mandee Says:

    eh i’ve known they were unhealthy for a long time.. i guess it’s because i always buy the bags that are prepackaged with nutrition info. just measure out one serving size and factor it in with your daily intake. anything is ok in moderation. too bad they’re so good you want to eat the whole bag! but it’s just like regular potato chips; dont eat a family size bag over the course of 2 days.. it’s definitely not a substitute for fresh fruit… but yeah moderation and it’s all good

  30. SueG Says:

    Added by SueG, June11,2009 : My experience
    My banana Chips Are 70% Tans fat and are fried in coconut oil
    25% Lipids
    0% sugar
    0% potassium
    0% sodium
    ΒΎ cup (50gms) =270 calories
    I have been eating a lot of trail mix for the last 2-3 months and adding a lot of extra banana chips to the mix.I was consuming apprx 2 cups/day. I usually check the labels carefully but I missed this one. When I did check the label a couple of days ago I was looking for sugar. I was horrified at the trans fat which I did not expect at all. I have been trying to eat healthier for the last couple of years and avoiding Trans & saturated as often as possible. I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight the last few months. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Good Bye to banana chips unless I dry them myself!!

    • lindsay Says:

      Maybe it was the 2 cups of trail mix not just the banana chips. About 1/4 cups a day of nuts. . . Or a serving of just nut nut butter.

  31. dawn Says:

    Um, okay, vegetable saturated fats and animal saturated fats are a little different. Coconut oil doesn’t clog anything! And don’t forget, fat is required for your health and happiness. Your brain is a big fat glob gushing around behind your eyes. did you every wonder why you get depressed on a diet? It’s the depletion of fat in your body. So in a good healthy “diet” , you should include coconut, avacado and even cacao fats. Why not be happy! And truly, if you want to be healthy, just eat less!

    • Ashley Says:

      Funny thing, everyone defending the coconut oil. I recently learned in my health class that coconut oil is a saturated fat and the WORST of them all.

      I love banana chips and was greatly upset when I turned the bag over after eating the whole thing 😦

      • MIDI GRRL Says:

        There is nothing wrong with saturated fat, what is worse is when you combine fat with processed foods. Coconut oil also has fatty acids that are actually good for you. I eat a lot of saturated fat, I am on a primal diet and I eat less overall because I am actually satisfied. My body fat percentage is 19 percent too because I work out, but believe me I eat my steak and my bacon and I cook only with coconut oil. Just get food that doesn’t come in a bag or a box and doesn’t have any marketing labels that are trying to fool you into thinking it’s healthy.

  32. Rita Says:

    I guess I should have known they were unhealthy when I read that the #3 ingredient (after bananas and coconut oil) is “banana flavoring.” Whatever THAT consists of.

  33. ashley Says:

    I cant believe how many people have replied to this!! I was eating them for a healthy snack becuase I am pregnant and my co worker was like those are not good for you, and I was like come on theyre banana chips… DAMN!!!! This sux!

  34. Emily Says:

    I sorta knew they were no good for me. If I love eating it, it’s always unhealthy.

  35. trish Says:

    Haha. I’m pregnant too and my husband just came home with a bag of organic banana chips. Wondering if bc they are organic they are not so bad? But they are really good!!

  36. Giovanna Says:

    I literally just bought a pound of banana chips…This news sucks!

  37. Travis Says:

    Banana chips with added coconut oil are not necessarily bad for you. Coconut oil, although it primarily consists of saturated fat, is actually considered by health professionals a “good” saturated fat. The saturated fat in coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). MCT fats, instead of being soaked into your arteries as clogging agents, are directly digested by the liver and converted to slow burning energy. If you are on a consistent exercise regimen, the fat in coconut oil will likely give you energy like you have never experienced. You do need to concern yourself with coconut oil if it is “highly refined.” That type of coconut oil will convert, once in your system, into a trans fat, the type of fat which is absolutely horrible for the human cardio-vascular system.


  38. will Says:

    I came here to see what was lost in the drying method of bananas. Of course banana chips are no good. Look at the ingredients. How else are they gonna make them crunch. I buy the dried whole bananas at whole foods. I prefer the chewey texture and I beileve them to retain most nutrients. Be careful snacking though. One banana is between 200 to 300 calories. Hope this helps. -Will

  39. Jamie Says:

    Dip them in peanut butter…..

  40. Claire Says:

    I know that everyone thinks fats are bad for you, but in fact, American’s don’t get enough. Coconut oil is actually the best fat you can get. A BILLION studies have shown that it promotes rapid weight loss. I have had many discussions with doctor’s who are frustrated with their patients who avoid fats like the plague. The only fats that are bad for you are trans fats. For some reason people think fats make you fat. When in fact, fats contribute to your health. It enables your cells to stay healthy, and makes them strong to fight off infection. I have talked to more and more people who are still stuck in the 80’s mentality that fats are bad, and breads are good for you. FALSE. If people would simply educate themselves instead of listening to what commercials and magazines tell them, America would be sooooo much healthier. Here’s the thing…IGNORE THE CALORIE COUNT! It does not effect you! YOU DO need to look at the CARB and SUGAR count because that is what goes straight into your blood stream and goes straight into storage … a.k.a. body fat. Hopefully this helps. I encourage you to do a little digging and research to see what you can find. You’ll find it very interesting. You will actually get to enjoy what you eat and feel good about it. P.S. Margarine is HORRIBLE FOR YOU…BUTTER=AMAZINGLY AWESOME. BANANA CHIPS= GREAT. again research. πŸ™‚

    • Liza Says:

      I was in the store the other day looking for butter and could only find one box of butter, everything else was margarine. I don’t know if it’s my neighborhood that really LOVES it or what… But it really limits my options to what to buy when it comes to butter. But I agree. As long as it’s in moderation.
      And I disagree about carbs and breads… If you study the Bible, people have been eating breads since the beginning of time but it was within portions. Just like fruits, vegetables, meats/fish, wine and water and even oils! So processed foods has really screwed up our body intake including insulin levels. I have a feeling that genetics isn’t the blame.

  41. Jennifer Says:

    I have been sitting much on these dried bananas and decided to look at the label when i saw coconut oil I thought oh damn and thought i’d research, I shall be dumping them in the trash can. The thing is… these are apparently DRIED and still contain coconut oil and i got them from a health store! I think i’m going to go research the dried peas also, they seem to be much more healthy from the label however they seem to taste really salty!

  42. spider Says:

    The bananas chips I have bought have 78mg of potassium per 15g serve and less than 5mg of sodium. So in that respect they are better than most potato chips (except the Sultry Sally’s brand) because they are low sodium and provide more potassium to balance out the sodium you’re eating in other foods.

    As far as sugar goes, dried apricots will have a fairly similar effect on your blood sugar as dried or fried banana chips or any dried fruit for that matter. For some of us it’s no problem, but for diabetics, people with metabolic syndrome or those simply sensitive to sugar spikes, it’s something to bear in mind.

    And for fat… I’m still confused on what to believe with that. I have a feeling that in simplifying the rules about food sometimes there are good fats/carbs/etc who mislabelled as bad, but then again sometimes it’s all a big marketing scheme. All I know is that it would be better to eat a regular banana or even dried bananas, but that banana chips are irresistible as a food to eat merely as a treat.

  43. Lynee Says:

    OMGosh. I just googled, “Bulk banana chips” and ran across your blog. I can’t believe that those things are so unhealthy for you! And I always felt so good giving them to my kids! Ugh.
    Thanks for the info.

  44. Laurie Johnson Says:

    banana chips in coconut oil..good or bad. That depends upon how you look at them. Coconut oil is an essential fatty acid that aids the strength of your thyroid which in turn controls your metabolism, energy, skin health and much much more. Do you they have a lot of calories…..probably. If you are like me you will keep eating your banana chips because not only are they tasty treats but they will keep your thyroid and heart healthy and your metabolism speedy (and who doesn’t like to that added bonus). Who say you can’t have your cake and eat it.

  45. Bananachiploverr Says:

    I don’t know what you’re all on about to be frank, because most people eat chocolate and crisps knowing of their fat and health risks but they still EAT THEM! so why are you all worrying about these? because as a matter of fact, banana chips are not the healthier thing to eat i believe you with that one, but they’re a healthier option compared to – fish and chips, chocolate & crisps, as they all have about 650-700 calories in 100g, when banana chips have 350-400calories. Also, they have a high content of potassium so it’s good for people that have electrolyte imbalance.(y).

  46. Dominique Says:

    Oh my God. O_O Like–oh my God. I ate a lot of banana chips thinking they were good and then I read this and I put them away, fast. Now I know why are so freaking amazing to eat…but make my stomach feel not-so-great after. :/

  47. Shannon Says:

    They’re right there. In my desk drawer. Calling to me like banana chipped slices of beautiful banana heaven. Like those who came before me, I was noshing on banana chips all happy dappy over my healthy choice, and decided to do a quick lil search to see just how healthy they are! Oops. I bought mine in the organic section (the bins) at Wegman’s, and when you print the label it actually lists ingredients. Yeah, these puppies got that coconut oil all up in em! Boooo. Boooonana chips!

  48. SRD Says:

    I grabbed some of these from our grocery store’s bulk organic foods aisle. i didn’t think twice and my son loved them. then i went back and had time to actually look at the nutritional info. i did a doube take thinking that cannot be right, i was thinking they’d be like nuts or something, high in fat, but low in saturated. uhh, no, not the case. dang. you can make them yourself, via baking or dehydrating, and they’d prob be much better, but my first attempt at making them via baking didn’t work out too well.

  49. John Says:

    You look at the nutrient facts and see fat! You need fats in your diet. O but wait, u get your fats from pizza. U are completely misguided. Coconut oil is the best and healthiest fat u can give your body. Google coconut oil and look at the health benefits. It does not clog arteries, it clears them. Some of the best athletes in the world take in coconut oil as a supplement. LOOK IT UP

  50. Ana Says:

    Well; my family and I make them ourselves. It takes for freaking ever, but it’s worth it because your the one controlling what goes on/in it… So if you were to do that instead, it would be better for you. But maybe if you don’t like them much, buy a small bundle of small bananas?

    Coconut Oil is the healthiest fat though, because it absorbs differently than normal saturated fats.. the only con behind it is that if you intake too much, it may increase your blood cholesterol.

  51. Tim Says:

    Ummmm ok, so as I am sitting here reading about how bad banana chips are for us I have literally eaten half a bag. Thanks for the warning. I lost 20kg in the last 6 months and now I feel like I have just gained it all back 😦

  52. JohnB Says:

    Banana chips unhealthy? Give me a break. That fat is extremely healthy for you. For all the reasons John said, and this: Fat, in general, is perfectly fine. There are some that are worse than others, but basically it’s a source of energy which doesn’t shock your system. Doesn’t trigger an insulin spike(which stimulates fat storage, also preventing fat usage). It actually has very little to do with weight gain. Not getting a lot of energy from fat, however, means that you’re getting your energy from sugar and carbs(which is another word for sugar). THIS will undermine your health, and cause heart attacks and the like. Man didn’t evolve to eat sugar. He evolved to eat fat.

  53. JP Says:

    Found an alternative. Since I am addicted to banana chips, I had to find healthy crispy ones. Thank God for Brother’s All Natural Banana Crisps. Crispy, but no added oils or fats. I found them from someone on Craigslist in Denver and am so grateful to her! I’ve actually lost weight by doing the Carb Lovers Diet and eating these twice a day. They are amazing!

  54. megan thompson Says:

    Okay so just like everyone here I am eatin these “killers” right now, and to be honest I love em! As stated multiple times, MODERATION is key! I’m 19 and am training to be navy eod! I need the potassium for my legs to work right during my training. If ur worried about fat u should prolly work out more and moderate ur intake of these “killer fats”

  55. Del Says:

    Coconut Oil is good for you. Do a google on health benefits even as a saturated fat. If you have to snack, it’s still better than the other junk out there. I love Trader Joe’s! Not all healthy but omg it’s yummy!

  56. Jillian Says:

    goodness, i am eating banana chips right now!! i think i just lost my appetite….

  57. Jon Says:

    A recent huge meta-analysis showed the scientific data is inconclusive on saturated fats. Other studies have shown the bad effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically omega-6s (which are antagonistic to omega-3s). Anyway, coconut oil is one of the BEST choices due to the fact is high in saturated fat and low in n-6. Saturated fat is heat stable and humans have been eating it since the dawn of time — UNLIKE these industrial seed oils which are high in n-6. Avoid linoleic acid.

  58. […] stumbled upon a blog, here on word-press, called the “Pocketfood” blog. I was looking up banana chips on google, and BAM: There it was. “Epic, why were […]

  59. Trimper Says:

    well you probably enjoy them so much because bananas have the highest concentration of sugars of all fruit along with pears. And the deal with saturated fat and fat in general is that it doesn’t make you fat and without it you could not live. The type of fat in coconuts and coconut oil is a healthy class of fatty acids called medium chain trigylcerides. The M.C.T. in coconut is known as lauric acid and has been shown in multiple studies to be antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral. It is a powerful antibiotic/antioxidant. Many tropical populations have a high fat intake that comes mostly from coconut and are not harmfully affected. Keep in mind that the quality of the food is important. Saturated fat from fast food is completely different then natural sources of saturated fat. Also its probably a good idea to go with whole fruit and avoid dried which may have added sugar. BUT a great alternative to banana chips could be prunes, dried mango, apricot or raisins which offer tons of benefits.

    • lucy Says:

      Hell Ya, I will continue to eat them cuz with my luck i have a better chance of getting hit by a car than dying from clogged arteries from banana chips! Live life, it goes by fast:)

  60. Steve Says:

    You need to research coconut oil, even though the fats are listed as saturated fats, they do nothing bad to your total cholesterol, hell they even higher your good cholesterol levels. I used to have a trigliceride level of over 400 and my total cholesterol was not even on the scale by my doctor’s terms. He advised me that even by cutting out all fat and cholesterol in my diet. I needed to raise my good cholesterol as well. The 2 foods he recommended for me to eat often to help raise the good cholesterol was avacados and coconut oil. In fact he really recommended banana chips because they are so addicting and have a decent amount of fiber. Banana chips may have a lot of fat but are actually really good for you πŸ™‚

    • Kodiak Says:

      Not only that, but also Bananas are soaked in Potassium which is essential to healthy nervous function. “Banana Chips can KILL YOU” is a bit dramatic, and the concept that all cholesterol is bad for you is also simply not true. Sure you wanna stay away from LDL’s but HDL’s are good for you and high levels of HDL help prevent heart disease and remove “bad” cholesterol from where it shouldn’t be. Also if you are going to freak out about 5g of sugar compared to all the positive things the banana chips offer then I have to assume you’re just silly.

      In summary: Pros- Massive amounts of Potassium (K) to promote healthy nervous function (i.e. keep your heart pumping), great source of HDL’s (due to coconut oil) and you get your serving of fruits you need and the small bonus’ are 2% Vitamin A and 2% Iron. Cons- 5g of Sugar…

      And if we’re going to say it’s a “health food cover up”… lets just be honest, you can OD on anything, even water. Your body has ways of dealing with excess Potassium, like releasing Aldosterone which causes you to secrete Potassium, but still it’s possible to OD on any substance no matter how healthy it technically is for you. Everything in moderation is my motto, and I’ll think you’ll live even if you eat a 6oz bag of banana chips.

  61. Natalie Says:

    Do you know nothing about coconut oil? It’s a GOOD fat, not a bad one!!! Obviously, no one should ever eat an entire bag of anything…but a handful of banana chips every day can be good for you. They’re super high in potassium and Vit B-6. http://www.livestrong.com/article/262535-what-are-the-benefits-of-banana-chips/

  62. adam Says:

    Guys settle down, there is no need to worry, I am eating the same bag of banana chips right now and do not plan on taking them out of my diet anytime soon. Although coconut oil is high in saturated fats, it is possibly the only one that shows many more health pros than cons. I don’t know the complete details but if you google search coconut oil you will find that it can benefit your heart, digestive system, skin, hair, and even weight loss goals.

  63. malluguy Says:

    Im from Kerala the land of coconut oil and I have been eating banana chips fried in coconut oil and chicken curry made with coconut milk for decades. Guess what? My cholesterol is far less than that of the average american! What kills you is not coconut oil eaten in moderation but junky American foods like burgers and pizza! (Coconut oil has MCTs, not the type of saturated fat found in red meat and dairy).

  64. lagreenbean Says:

    Actually malluguy is right in some ways. In fact coconut oil does not get absorbed and stored the way other oils do. And the saturated fat from coconut oil is not only the healthiest, but IDEAL for your blood and cells. So, stop reading the label and do some research. Anything in coconut oil is GOOD for you, or at minimum, better than even a bag of baked chips cooked in some other oil.

  65. Microbuntu Says:

    Wow. Such a blatantly wrong and scathing generalization.

  66. Juan Pablo Says:

    I hear its also good antibacterial, and antivirus oil. And when you think about it, it makes sense since Coconut Oil from the coconut husks are from the “meat” of the husks which is asceptic inside. The future coconut tree needs to be protected from disease and I believe coconut oils has something to do with the fact that coconuts survived many milleniums crossing from one island to another. Heck, they’re in Brazil, Philippines, Sri Lanka to the Ivory Coast!!! They can’t be that harmful to say the least!

  67. Bob Says:

    Wrong. Saturated fats are good for you. MUSF are bad.

  68. Dahrani Says:

    Someone skipped health, huh? Basic fat fact: fats that are liquid at room temperature–aka oils–are your good fats. These are plant fats, and generally absorb differently into the body. These fats keep hair, skin, nails, and some bodily functions in good condition.

    This is not to say that everything fried is good for you. Just like everything else, moderation is the key.

  69. proxy Kat Says:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in
    Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon.
    Many thanks

  70. virginia Says:

    I am so glad to have read this. I have been trying to lose weight and for the last 3but weeks i have through out the day have been munching on a bag of banana chips a day. I weighed myself and on average have been gaining 2 pounds a day! So much for a healthy snack…from now on i will just eat 1 real banana a day. Thank you for this info πŸ™‚

  71. lilla1915liz Says:

    make your own.any fruit cut it up,dont add anything.put it under the grill.
    you know what your eating.

  72. that is silly, saturated fat from coconut oil is good for you. Not all fats are egual and while saturated fat from hydrogenated oils are bad, coconutoil is good. your body needs saturated fats. The whole myth of fat being bad happened at the beginning of the obesity trend, and is what created the oh so lovely toxic trans fat. Trans fat will kill you and the obesity epidemic did not happen because of trans fats, especially not trans fats from coconut oil.
    So i will keep eating my banana chips thank you.

  73. Also any dried fruit is not agerat snack if you are dieting, unless you can portion yourself really well. pound for pound dried fruits have wayyy more calories than their fresh counterparts.

  74. Paleogiii Says:

    You people are idiots. You have no idea what your talking about. Stop spreading false truths and do some research. Naturally occurring saturated fat is not bad for you and will NOT “clog” your arteries. Coconut oil is one of the most healthy oils you can put into your body and is high heat stable. Stop being ridiculous and saying things you have done zero research on. Carbohydrates will clog your arteries. Go have another piece of that whole grain bread and tell everyone how “healthy” your eating…. Go read a book dummy.

  75. noblemaster24 Says:

    If you don’t eat more than your necessary daily value of saturated fat, I don’t see the problem. Of course, everything in moderation.

  76. Lizzy Says:

    You are wrong about coconut oil. But you must still be living in the stone age if you don’t know how good coconut oil is for you. I will be 70 next year. I am on no medications. I drink filtered water that has the fluoride removed. I eat meat from 100% grass fed cows and all organic vegetables when possible. I buy coconut oil in 5 gallon containers as it is more economical that way and I use it every day for cooking. It a very stable oil that does not break down as other fats do when heated at high temperatures. This is why it is very good for cooking.

    It is high in lauric acid which is found in mother’s milk. That’s why it is often added to baby formulas. It has both antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. You just have to google the benefits of coconut oil to find out how good it is for you.

    If anything it will increase your LDL which is your good cholesterol. One needs to be concerned about the ratio of their HDL to their total cholesterol and not their high cholesterol. Did you know that your brain needs cholesterol and if you don’t eat enough your liver will make it.

    The reason we have heart disease is because most Americans pig out on processed foods. They can’t help it because the foods were designed to make them addicted, that way they keep buying the junk. The saturated fat scare forced manufacturers to abandon this safe and healthy oil in favor of hydrogenated soybean, corn, canola and cottonseed oils. And again, unless you’re living in the stone age you should know that the hydrogenated oils are now known as the truly trans-fats that clog our ateries.

    You need fats, the problem is knowing what are truly the good fats. Unfortunately we have been programmed into thinking that saturated fats are bad.

  77. slm1291 Says:

    I don’t understand the negative comments about banana chips on this thread. Of course, if you purchase banana chips from the store, all kinds of adfotives are added to them. Why not just make them at home? No harmful additives. I have a tray of bananas in the oven right now. Slice them, toss with lemon juice, and spread them out on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with oil. Bake for 200 degrees, and you have some healthy chips. By the way, coconut oil is good for you. It contains fat, but the kind that is healthy. Oh, and I have a degree in nutrition. I’m not sure what the author’s academic qualifications are, but, please do a little research before blindly reading and believing something because somebody else posted it on the internet. Find out for yourselves!!!

  78. Elwood Says:

    Right away I am ready to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming over
    again to read additional news.

  79. JJ Says:

    What a dramatic article. Banana chips still have fiber and potassium, although less than a fresh banana which you’re better off eating, still a healthy snack. Coconut oil it self has it’s own health benefits. This snack is incomparable to bacon

  80. kris Says:

    Coconut oil is pretty good for you,,, maybe research it???

  81. Stevie Says:

    Awesome. As I’m eating my Trader Joe’s dried fruit organic banana chips (which you’re right, don’t even taste all that good)(but I’m eating them anyway) I decided to Google the pros and cons. Almost done with the bag, mind you, I come acrossed this. And actually for once look at the nutrition facts. Ugh….. well……. might as well finish them….

  82. Summer Says:

    I had to check this for an assignment and I wanted to see if they were or not. I love banana chips but I guess they can only be a treat from now on. Oh well!!!!

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